29. May, 2017

My Own Perfume!

Finally-ITS HERE!!!... I have always wanted my very own perfume and  have now finally acheived it- 

So - here it is -its arrived!, - called 'Taurus' by Lingerouche'

Taurus is my star sign - and i have alway thought of naming my perfume after my birth sign and thought it only right to signature it by -'Lingerouche'

What does it smell like?

Well - First of all - its made from PURE OILS- & last for upto -12hrs- PURE & EVER LASTING!!!

People who have tried & tested - said it smells of  FLOWERS/JASMIN/ FRESH AND has a DESIGNER smell to it too  - So thats a good thing - i have also noticed it smells different on each and every person -which is so very UNIQUE -i love that!!

SO-look out for the Launch Party where you can check it out- Smell it! - Purchase it & Mingle with a few drinks on tap and enjoy a great afternoon with LINGEROUCHE'