Rouche Kidz Rock!!

ROUCHE KIDZ on the Runway this Sunday 29th May at NOTTING HILL GATE ARTS CLUB,

Strutting their stuff in my newest PJ/PLAYDATE designs that are in some LONDON SHOPS now,





Rouche Kidz strutt their stuff!!....

ROUCHE KIDZ On the 11th February 2018 at 8PM Dance Around the World Production at the Chelsea Theatre.
Presented by Renegade Talent and the New International Company of Live Arts!
An evening full of dances from different styles and background, 40 dancers coming together for an intensive week creating a breath taking dance production NOT TO BE MISSED!

Rouche Kidz Christmas Fashion Show

Rouche Kidz are back again, 

Come down and enjoy a Christms Fashion Show with a difference






E15 1EL










  • Naveah...

    Getting her hair done y one of he hair stylist for the show!! ...


  • Alisa

    Getting makeup done - loads of pink glitter is what the ROUCHE KIDZ GIRLIES love having done at our shows...


There is no video clip yet

Rouche Kids on Runway...

Well... Rouche Kidz are onto their 2nd Fashion Show for the year -taking part in the- ' MELA ASIAN FUSION FASHION SHOW' -where they will be showing off some of my latest Playdate Nightwear Designs.....

I was only able to pick 5 kids for this one but i suppose this is going to happen - so i picked with great difficulty - something im going to have to get used to....



  • Sara - Fantastic little singer


    - our little singer - sang at ROUCHE KIDZ Fashion show and melted the audience with her sweet angelic voice- look out for her next performance in November at our next show

  • Darius - Amazing Saxophone player


    - our Amazing Saxophone player - blew the audience away at just 9yrs old -
    Watch out for Darius- he may sow another appearance At our next show November if his not snapped up

  • Andre - A Wicked Dancer


    -Our Instagram famous dancer - look our for his amazing moves - a fantastic dancerModel - Watch out for this one!!

  • Girls on the Catwalk!....

    All Girls go through a 6 wk catwalk class before taking part tin the fashion shows-

    And they did the show justice well!!

  • Boys strut their stuff

    All Boys go thorough a 6 wk catwalk class too - and they loved every minute of it too -

    As you can see

  • The Finale!!!....

    And the finale - the kids loved taking part in he show and the adults/audience loved the show too-

    An amazing show loved by all

Rouche Kidz Workshops

ROUCHE KIDZ - we are still looking for cute sassy kids for our upcoming fashions Show/Events - so if you think your kid is a ROUCHE KIDZ then please contact me via this site and i will get back to you with all info - 

Thanking you in Advance ....

Angela Parkinson


Rouche Kidz Fashion Show was A Blast!!

The kids looked great - Designs looked on point - what a great day - kids modelling & smiling down the runway just the way i taught them - live entertainnet all by kids - im so proud of my ROUCHE KIDZ - They sure done me proud!

Check out all the latest info on more shows... more castings...Catwalk classes/Danceworkshops more phototshoots and lots lots more!!

Join now if you want your kid on the runway -in the shows - having fun- looking cute!!



An Event not to be Missed!!....

Rouche Kidz Fashion Show - 

Cute Kids - Cute Designs, Enertainment & Much, Much More...

A Family Fun Day for all!!

Come See what all the fuss is about with ROUCHE KIDZ - JULY 8TH...

Casting went off with a Bang!!!

Today - the casting was fantastic - what amazing kids - so hard to pick from but will try my hardest to give every one a chance -, 

This casting was to find kids for the next Fashion show November 2017 - A Pre-Xmas Fashion show...


More Shows, More Kids & Raw Talent ....

Rouche Kidz Annual Casting..

Lingerouche are looking for kids for our 2nd kids fashion show modelling kids fashionable nightwear - 

If your kid is Sassy - Bright and age 8-12 please get in touch- 

Casting this Saturday 6th May- 
Maryland Dance Studio, Leytonstone Rd 
E15 1TQ 

Looking for Girls & Boys and if they like to dance and sing too but not vital

We here at Lingerouche believe in Equal Opportunities and every child gets a chance in our shows at LINGEROUCHE!!


The Venue!!...

Well, this is it guys - our own space for all the workshops/Castings & Shows- Barbara and myself will be picking up the keys in next few weeks

Lingerouche has so much going on that i cant even begin to tell you- im so excited - but i still have to keep it under wraps till all confirmed -but right now we defo have our place to do every thing - 

We will be holding Dance Workshops/catwalk classes for adults & kids - so book now if interested - classes start May 20th -Contact myself for info

Kids 4pnds

Adults 5pnds

10wk course and a photo shoot at the end where you get to keep some pictures and get to take part in a fashion show

- Yes even you mums will be roped into a show!- one of my surprises up my sleeve -

So i'll leave you to think about this- and will keep you all posted

Rouche Kidz Box Bags!!

OH MY!...Well look at whats just arrived - ROUCHE KIDZ BOX BAGS....

For all those little purchases - i have got to tell you all - i am really really enjoying organising this kids show - even though its mad busy and my head is all over the place from time to time - im burrsting with excitement with new things thats in the pipeline and have to stay zipped till its all confirmed ...



We're Expanding!!

Exciting times ahead....Our own premises for all our Shows/Castings/Rehearsals/Catwalk Classes & Shows......


We here at Lingerouche are very very on new premises revealed end of this week

Creative Generation

So - I went to see a  Dance Troupe this week in  'Charlton, South London- called Creative Generation Dance - for the 'ROUCHE KIDZ FASHION Show, and what a fantatic set of kids...So Talented & Welcoming!

I watched them dance and as the did -  they blew me away - i actually had tears in my eyes -

Creative Generation  will be closing the show - so look out for their Fantastic Upbeat Performance!!


CREATIVE GENERTION (Teacher/Choreographer - Monique Chantelle)

Rouche Kidz Tickets

Here They Are!!

Rouche Kidz tickets, Available soon....

At just 2pounds each for all & adults...





Opening The Show

We have this fantastic & talented young  9yr old opening the show, July 8th

Darius, Our Saxophone Player - and what a great pleasure to have him performing for us -

We met Darius playing at a charity event and approched his parents - and now after having a meeting with his mum - we are proud to say he will be performing for us- 

This is what ROUCHE KIDZ' is all about -TALENT!,......YOUNG TALENTED KIDS!!!

When we do our shows & castings - we are looking for talent all round - and even when we are out and about -we are still looking for talented kids for our shows,

Hope you'll all enjoy the sounds of' Darius at 'THE ROUCHE KIDZ FASHION SHOW!!!


The Rouche' Kidz Compares

Here they are, ROUCHE' KIDZ COMPARES, Destiny & Desrai, - rehearsals were underway today, great girls to work with, Great Stuff to come!!



Working on Rouche Kidz Fashion Show'

We are so so busy these last few weeks with getting Entertainment, Special Guests and making the show and all round typical kids day! -the phone ringing non-stop -and  emails with people wanting to take part - we are over whelmed with the interest that we are getting and just know it will be a fantastic enjoyable day for all...



The Venue..Rouche Kidz Fashion Show

The venue is now confirmed for ROUCHE KIDZ FASHION SHOW..  July 8th 2017 ....will be held in a childrens amazing exciting centre in Stratford Broadway...


383-387 High Street
London E15 4QZ 

With A Music Entertainment/Showcase on the day, Kids Fashion Show, Face Painting and lots lots more,-  and maybe...just may be a surprise special guest miss out guys..tell all your friends and family to come down and enjoy the fun day with ...'THE ROUCHE KIDZ'


Tickets Available soon for just 2pnds only for all....


Cosiefit Pj Pants

I decided to post one of the designs for ROUCHE KIDZ show- which i made today as i am so so chuffed with it, just couldnt wait to show it off....and im still not showing the whole garment, lol ..just the fancy bottom of it with the diamand button & bow left to sew on - cute hey?...

So here it is.. COSIEFITS PJ (UNISEX) PANTS...

Rouche Kidz Logo

Well, Rouche Kidz Fashion show is well underway with the organising & purperations - Myself and PA Barbara had a meeting with the events booking team/Manager at Stratford, DISCOVER' today to confirm what is happening on the day and all seems very very exciting....

In between organising the show and designing the garments for you young child models i have been putting together the brochure and tickets which im designing myself and also i realised that we need a new logo for ROUCHE KIDZ - to go on BOX BAGS, TICKETS & STAFF T-SHIRTS etc....

And so... here it is...