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3. Jan, 2018

Well, its Finally here - 'THE PVC/BURLESQUE FAHION SHOW' - and its gonna be a night to remember,

With stalls to buy from 

Live Entertainment

Burlesque Dancers, Rappers, Singers and even A KIDDIE BURLESQUE FASHION SHOW ADDED IN

So - come along and enjoy an evening with LINGEROUCHE, get your tickets from us here via email or a quick phone call




ADULT BURLESQUE: 7.30pm - 11.30pm- Tickets - 8pnds

COMBO/KIDDIE & ADULT BURLESQUE:  5pm - 11.30pm - Tickets 10pnds


TO PURCHASE TICKETS IN ADVANCE - pls call Angela on: 07496101325



24. Sep, 2017



Mother - the talent that is Ms Angela Parkinson. And she’s expanded! But still has...


    ...A Touch of Class!


A touch of Class - the tagline that represents this fashion designer who is still setting trends in and around East London - and she’s expanding. Business is good. We thought we would have a word with her to find out what’s new, what’s coming up and how others can get involved.  

Lingerouche was launched in  December 2015 by Ms Angela Parkinson, and this year has been a big one. The business expanded to include the cute and confident Rouche Kids, perfumes are now a part of her repertoire and she’s international.

As such a figure in the community, we thought we would speak to the lady herself to find out more about what she does, how she ticks, and how others can get involved. Where does she get her ideas from? How has she built up her business from scratch, and how can others get involved in the glamourous business that is modelling? We put these questions to her and more.

Q1:  How are you hoping the Roche Kids will develop in the future?

I would like to have my kids all around London. The kids will be recognisable as My Kids - Rouche Kids, which do fashion shows and advertise what we do. It’s not just about the night wear, or the playdate wear, it’s more like a Performance Arts School. Where they do and learn dancing, acting and singing. They will be involved in TV presenting, adverts, fashion shows around London as well as being an advocate for Lingerouche/Rouche clothing.

Q2:  Following the success of Rouche Kids show, what is next for you?

Rouche Kids will be involved in a show in Hackney on the 11th November this year for a presentation/Christmas party where they will be awarded with certificates for the 10 week course of catwalk classes which they will have completed. There will be a mini fashion show at this presentation, as well as other attractions such as Father Christmas, table tops with make-up for sale, and massages and other attractions for the audience to be involved in.

Q3:  If anyone reading would like their children involved in Rouche Kids, what do they need to do?

To get involved with Rouche Kids, you would need to log on to our website where you can find contact details to email me or contact me via facebook. There’s loads of information on these pages on how you can apply to get your child involved and be a Rouche Kid.

The last time we saw one of Angela Parkinson’s ventures, was the stunning Lingerouche show. Can you tell us anything more about any more of these shows coming up?

Lingerouche is currently in the process of rehearsals for a show on the 3rd February 2018 at Ascot Community Centre in Canning Town, for the PVC Burlesque Show. Here you will be able to see all my new designs as well as new nightwear that will be launched on that night.

Q4:  Where do you see Lingerouche progressing to in the future?

Lingerouche has a lot coming up at the moment. There is a documentary which is the process of being filmed, and we are hoping that it will be on a mainstream television channel. That is due for completion in the next three to six months. New shows are always in the pipeline, as well as designs that I am continually working on and developing - It’s all very exciting!

Q5:  It certainly sounds very exciting! How do you do it? What inspires you as a business mogul?

Ha! Ha! I enjoy it! Once you enjoy something, it really doesn’t seem like work! As for my designs, I inspire myself really. My designs and ideas are what I would call ‘off the scale.’ There’s not a lot of what I do out there. I do get individuals coming up to ask me where I get certain shoes from, or items of clothes that I might wear. I am regularly asked where I get my ideas from! And the answer to that is I just dream them up! I mean, I don’t sleep at night. I dream up ideas, get up, sketch them out onto a template and bring them into existence. I also sit and think about what I can do that’s different now, and ideas just come to me. I inspire myself but have always had an interest in fashion since starting a modelling career myself at the age of 16.

Q6:  What is the turnaround of the conception of an idea, to the end product?

It actually takes about six months to do a fashion show, although the Rouche Kids takes eight months because it takes time to get the young children trained up. But, as a minimum, it takes about six months to get everything ready including getting a venue, training the models, marketing etc. My PA and I are very busy most of the year.

Q7:  In terms of Rouche Kids, what is the process from the interviewing stage, and actually being in one of your shows?

At first, we arrange for castings. These are advertised on gumtree, facebook, through our website as well as other places. When the casting takes place, we have about sixty children attending. This casting day begins with a choreographer dancing with them to break the ice and get them used to taking instructions. During this time, the children relax and come out of themselves a little more. Then we divide them into small groups of approximately five. They are shown how to catwalk and pose and while they are walking they are assessed to see if they possess the qualities that I require my Rouche kids to have. I am looking for kids that are sassy, outgoing, smiley, bright, stage-school kids. They also need to be able to take and follow instructions well. Those that are selected are contacted via email through the parents. They are asked to attend a ten week course in catwalk classes and following the completion of this, they are put forward to professional Rouche Kids shows.


  Any size, any height, any shape! We welcome all!

Q8:  For our readers who think they might have what it takes to be a Lingerouche model, please could you let us know what the process is?

The process to becoming a Lingerouche Model is very similar to the process of becoming a Rouche Kids model. They would need to come down to a casting. There is the selection process where they would need to demonstrate skills on the catwalk. Then the successful candidates would be contacted via email as to when the next catwalk course is. Adult courses are slightly shorter than the children’s course. They are simple and easy to learn and are open to all sizes, all heights, from size 6 and upwards.

Q9:  Now, for the most serious question of the interview. Considering as I am just under 5ft, am slightly chubby at size 12 on a good day, 14 on a bad (!) Do you think I have what it takes to become a Lingerouche Model?

Ha! Ha! Anyone can be a Lingerouche Model! We need short people as well as tall people - we welcome all!  We like to think we reflect the general population. After all, it is these very people that buy and wear our designs! Short people can model just as well as tall Victoria Secret models can! We are living proof of that! Any size, any height, any shape! We welcome all.

Q10:  You have your fingers in a lot of pies. Apart from the fashion, is there anything else you are experimenting with?

At the moment yes, I have just launched my perfume: Taurus by Lingerouche. It has an aroma of Jasmine mixed with other secret ingredients that remind you of exotic, secretive Arabian nights! A little naughty, but nice - much like my burlesque shows. I am also in the process of launching my second perfume entitled You.

Lingerouche and Roche Kids models are sassy, brassy and entertaining! These confident kids can sing, dance and everything inbetween. The adult models cascade down the catwalk with grace and flare, displaying all the traits that Lingerouche taught them in the courses offered. One cannot be blamed for wanting to be involved in these shows, and so we give you, the reader, everything you need become a Lingerouche Model. Just contact Ms Angela Parkinson, following the links and get yourself down to the next casting!

Ms Angela Parkinson - the business mogul whose empire is growing and going from strength to strength. Lingerouche truely is A Touch of Class.

Ms Cheryl Diane Parkinson  ( Cosmo-Plum) - Writer/Doctoral Researcher.

14. Feb, 2017

PVC/BURLESQUE Fashion Show this space!!!

2. Feb, 2017

Hey all-here's our first Lingerouche Lingerie Mag/Catalogue,

There will be a Glossy Mag out later this year which hopefully will be on the shop shelves, so this is just a teaser....

15. Jan, 2017

Lingerouche has now gone Internatiional - we have recruited the lovely Gina Harry from Kenya to Promote/Sell Lingerouche Lingerie - with a Fashion Background and good eye for the' lingerouche look', i think she will fit in well with the team -

Big things happening with Lingerouche this year

Welcome aboard Gina Harry x