8. Feb, 2016

My Intro

Hi Guys

 My name is Angela Parkinson (incase you don't already know) Designer & Founder of Lingerouche LIngerie...

im Sooo so excited to be blogging my new company of just a year old to everyone who wants to know all about LINGEROUCHE, a sexy unique lingerie online store, I design all my lingerie, draw them out on a template which you will see later on when I do my next blog,and get them down to the machinists/factory to bring my designs to life, you will get to see all the in sites of what I do, how I host my fashion shows, live interviews and lots, lots more pics of my models and even myself down the runway,

you can also  catch me on both my Facebooks too - Lingerouche' & on Lingerouche unvailed 

& if you wish to purchase : www.lingerouche.com

I'll keep you all posted and hope you enjoy following me on my journey x